Upcoming Shows

9th Jun 2016

Onelia @ Hotel Me. Madrid

10th Jun 2016

Dubbyman @ Switch Bar. Barcelona

11th Jun 2016

Dubbyman @ Glitch. Barcelona

16th Jun 2016

Owen Jay @ Zion Bar. Malta

23th Jun 2016

Onelia @ Hotel Me. Madrid

24th Jun 2016

Onelia @ Cafe La Palma. Madrid

24th Jun 2016

Ernie @ ElectroSplash Siroco. Madrid

25th Jun 2016

Jesus Gonsev @ Captcha. La Mancha

25th Jun 2016

Ernie @ Captcha. La Mancha

2nd Jul 2016

Ernie @ ElectroSplash Hotel ME. Madrid

9th Jul 2016

Ernie @ ElectroSplash Festival. Spain

16th Jul 2016

Onelia @ Terraza Conde Duque. Madrid

24th Jul 2016

Onelia @ Duna. Barcelona

8th Oct 2016

Jesus Gonsev @ Berlin Cafe. Madrid

8th Oct 2016

Ernie @ Berlin Cafe. Madrid


Moodment is a booking agency which focuses on promoting a roster of internationally recognized DJs, producers and live performers within the electronic music scene. All artists are firmly rooted within the sub-genre of deep house, but they also make and produce a wide range of music that extends even further. The company has been created in a joint effort, mainly in collaboration with Spanish labels: Deep Explorer, Minuendo and Hizou Deep Rooted Music. Later, other labels who they respect and work with, such as Batti Batti, Deepart Sounds, Inner Shift Music, Common Dreams and Troubled Kids joined this powerful team.

After years of these labels and their artists collaborating on various projects, we are very happy to introduce you to the family. The Moodment vision is to bring their love and trust in good music, to anything we are involved in.

Collectively, our artists have played at some of the most renowned worldwide venues (Berghain Panorama, Watergate, Tresor, Studio 80…) and festivals (Sonar, Freerotation, Electrosplash…) to name a few. They have even worked as remixers, label heads and artists in collaboration with other well-known producers, such as: Fred P, Patrice Scott, Gene Hunt, Larry Heard, Ron Trent, Anthony Nicholson, XDB, Kai Alce.. among many others.

Onelia Palao is also part of the team, managing the “Moodment” arm and working as agent for these artists.

Let's enjoy, work and share some great music together.

All the very best